Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RedTube vs YouPorn - Which Is Better?

Ok, so you want info on two of the best free adult sites on the web and you want to know which is better.

Well, the simple answer is that it all depends on personal preference but I will try to give you a little insight on these two adult sites and share my personal choice. 

Firstly, let's talk about YouPorn...

YouPorn is an awesome site that gives you everything you are looking for in online porn.

Youporn.com is similar to Youtube except for the obvious difference of displaying pornographic content. On Youporn, you can upload your own videos, rate and comment on other videos or simply just view loads of free amateur or professional porn until your heart is content.

YouPorn.com is a video sharing site designed to allow people to upload pornographic videos onto the site, which are then searchable by users to find preferred content. It is a classic community video upload site that allows you to upload videos from your computer, has its own download servers and offers a powerful and well thought out smart, sexy, online surfing experience. The site is very easy to navigate and has thousands of streaming videos. Seriously, YouPorn has masses of content, you will find a wide variety of videos of varying lengths, everything is streamed on the site for a seamless experience and the guarantee is that you will, basically, not run out of content. Again, there is tons of it.

This is a REVIEW of Youporn, so I must add the drawbacks as well. Fortunately, there is only one and that is the usual annoying ad pop-ups. There aren't that many but they are there. But who can complain as Youporn is completely FREE. However, they are not all that bad because you can visit some other great sites offering porn through these ads.

Now, let's talk about RedTube...

RedTube.com is, as you can imagine, similar to YouPorn. However, there are a few differences. It seems to be a little more streamlined. By that I mean that it appears to be very user friendly. It seems easier to navigate. However, I must say that there were times I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. There were still sufficient videos. You still get pop up ads but nothing outrageous. 

The videos could use more updating. It seems as though they are older videos. Maybe it's just the video quality but I do find YouPorn more updated and having more to choose from and a better search feature.    

Nonetheless, it is all personal choice when it really comes down to it. Having said that, I would recommend YouPorn.com first. I just think the site looks more professional and has a little more to offer.

I hope this comparison of RedTube and YouPorn - Which is Better? was helpful to you in your quest for FREE porn. 

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Thank you and Enjoy :)